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DAZZLETM Red Roll-up is an ideal display to meet high-end customer expectations. Excellent stability with retractable aluminum feet. Carrying bag is padded for its greater durability and for the protection of aluminum case.

A roll-up display will perfectly fit in any corner of your promotion stand, and after, you can reuse it by changing you graphics for a different promotion.



  • Thicker aluminium case
  • Aluminium roller mechanism
  • Stable in all sizes
  • Aluminium feet
  • Padded bag
Net weight Printable and viewable size Design size
2,8 kg 85 x 200 cm 85 x 205 cm
3,3 kg 100 x 200 cm 100 x 205 cm
4 kg 120 x 200 cm 120 x 205 cm
5 kg 150 x 200 cm 150 x 205 cm



Single packaging

Shipping packaging