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DAZZLETM X-BANNER is extremly lightweight and easy to setup. It has a reputation for being the most affordable option when you need to display your graphics on many locations at the same time.
X-BANNERs are frequently used as retail store displays and product launches in showrooms.
Everyone can set it up even without instructions, and after the event is over, it can easily be put into a handbag for convenient transportation.



  • Simple construction for easy setup
  • Light weight
  • Can hold different banner sizes
  • Bag included
  • Different sizes


Product name Net weight Printable/viewable size
ALU 80-120 x 180-200 cm 4 kg max. 120 x 200 cm
BUDGET 60 x 160 cm 2 kg 60 x 160 cm
LIGHT 60 x 160 cm 2 kg 60 x 160 cm
DESKTOP 20 x 40 cm   20 x 40 cm



Single packaging

Shipping packaging